This is feeling petty, but…well, look at this:
The notion is that the reply box should look just the same as original post box. But look at the pix below. I mean…it’s good enough I guess, but it sure would look slick if it was just a little closer. #v1 #bug

After deleting a post (from a detail page), I was not kicked back to the previous list. I was left on the detail page with the ability to add a response to the now-deleted post. Instead, I should be kicked back to the previous list. #bug #v1

Font size, spacing, and whitespace policies make the density of posts-per-page much lower than on (e.g.) Twitter, which makes Minifeeds look less active and interesting. Compare to Twitz. #bug-ish #v1 this is very minor and maybe doesn’t need fixing. Up to you.

Reply functionality should perfectly match original post functionality:
– Enter and Shift-Enter (done)
– pie chart (done)
– countdown (done)
– “Say it” (good nuff)
– Image upload with its display features (?!)

#bug #v1