It would be handy for social media in general to enable people to create collaborative, wiki–style documents right within the app. Sometimes, a discussion needs to be collaborative. 

Replying to @thomas.brennan7

First, we need a “feed reader,” so I can subscribe to a bunch of different people and read their mini posts from my own mini.

Then, we need to add the ability to chat across different minis.

THEN we’ll add improved abilities to push and pull from all social media…!

We are looking into how to speed up the lag (up to 10 seconds…) after pressing the Enter key. We have a setup that posts stuff *instantly*. The cheapo server we’re using is part of the reason for the problem.

For the left, the only morally outrageous, dangerous riot was the one directed at its center of power.

Other riots are OK. Even urban centers in deep blue states can righteously burn. It’s for a good cause, you know.

Jane Eyre, 1943, with Orson Welles as Rochester and Joan Fontaine as Jane, screenplay by Aldous Huxley, directed by Robert Stevenson (a good un I think). Free right here>

Never ever ever use Binance. If your experience is like mine and that of a bunch of other people, they’ll make your coins inaccessible for weeks or months at a time, without warning and without explanation.

The irrepressible old liberal Pat Condell has finally produced a new video, this time in defense of free speech. He’s right, of course.


My 10-year-old’s new hobby is…trading #crypto.

Seems he made $130 over the course of a year from passive @Brave ads. I let him transfer $50 to an account which he has been investing, and has so far made $14 more from trading, after trading fees.

If the education and media Establishment really cared about and wanted to encourage ethnic harmony, beyond mere tolerance, they’d behave very differently. There would be more positive portrayals of friendship and less anti-white bigotry.