I still don’t like the pin position. Needs to be more in the corner, not taking the place of the three dots. Like 10px away from the upper right corner. Make it float up there? #bugfixed #v1fixed but I still don’t like it. Later

Font size, spacing, and whitespace policies make the density of posts-per-page much lower than on (e.g.) Twitter, which makes Minifeeds look less active and interesting. Compare to Twitz. #bug-ish #v1 this is very minor and maybe doesn’t need fixing. Up to you.

Image upload is weirdly persistent. Blank new post came with image pre-filled. I was able to delete it (& it had an “ok?” Prompt, nice!) but then the existing bug, of the image upload button not responding, prevents me from uploading a screenshot. #bugfixed #v1fixed

The pin placement interferes with the trash can’s placement. Either move the trash to the lower right, or move all functions (with a separator for delete) into a … menu. #bug

When I have a pinned drop (pin drop?), then drop again, the new drop is placed temporarily *above* the pinned drop. After refreshing the pinned drop goes back to the top. #bug


I guess “a minifeed” is a thing. Either that or it’s a microblog, and the kind of microblog it is, is a minifeed…

I get confused about whether I am on a feed (or tag or user) page or instead on a post detail page. There really needs to be some way to visually distinguish them, it seems to me. Twitter does this by increasing the font size of the focused post on a detail page. #bug