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This is feeling petty, but…well, look at this:
The notion is that the reply box should look just the same as original post box. But look at the pix below. I mean…it’s good enough I guess, but it sure would look slick if it was just a little closer. #v1 #bug

After deleting a post (from a detail page), I was not kicked back to the previous list. I was left on the detail page with the ability to add a response to the now-deleted post. Instead, I should be kicked back to the previous list. #bug #v1

When I use in-line editing for some posts, often, HTML appears. Can we make this a WYSIWYG editor? #v2feature I decided this isn’t a “bug” (although when <p> appears, it is indeed a bug).

I still don’t like the pin position. Needs to be more in the corner, not taking the place of the three dots. Like 10px away from the upper right corner. Make it float up there? #bugfixed #v1fixed but I still don’t like it. Later

Font size, spacing, and whitespace policies make the density of posts-per-page much lower than on (e.g.) Twitter, which makes Minifeeds look less active and interesting. Compare to Twitz. #bug-ish #v1 this is very minor and maybe doesn’t need fixing. Up to you.