TIL leading crop producers of the USA. Format is state crop, percentage of US production.

CA grapes,99%
AR rice, 49%
ND & KS wheat, 33%
IA corn, 16%

Via NY Times mini-crossword Wed 2021.09.29

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It would be handy for social media in general to enable people to create collaborative, wiki–style documents right within the app. Sometimes, a discussion needs to be collaborative. 

Replying to @thomas.brennan7

First, we need a “feed reader,” so I can subscribe to a bunch of different people and read their mini posts from my own mini.

Then, we need to add the ability to chat across different minis.

THEN we’ll add improved abilities to push and pull from all social media…!

The Open Hardware Summit is the annual conference organized by the Open Source Hardware Association a 501(c)(3) not for profit charity. It is the world’s first comprehensive conference on open hardware. oshwa.org

How much longer must we wait for this to come to pass? I’m especially thinking of the new law in Texas that protects unborn children after their heartbeat is detected. Clever design of the law. But this prophecy is protection for those who accuse, not the accusers. More at tbc0.com/archives/56